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 ...That Richard Landry is both a card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (Ring 239 of Springfield, IL) and of Kidabra International--the Association of Family and Kidshow Performers?

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Warning: Do NOT Bring In Any Assembly Program Or Entertainer That Does Not Meet These Two Criteria...

The sad fact is that there are many assembly programs that aren't very good.  They're a waste of your time and of your children's time.  Here are some criteria that will help you choose assembly programs that
'll be worth your while.

1. Only bring in an entertainer who is a full time professional and actually makes a living as a performer.

Many of the people doing assembly programs are part-timers or amateurs just trying to make some extra money.

Richard Landry is a full-time professional, not a hobbyist.  This is what Richard does to put food on the table.  Believe me; you don
't last in this business if you aren't exceptional at what you do.

2. Only bring in a performer who has LOTS of testimonials from other elementary schools.

Anyone can come up with two or three testimonials.  You want to make sure they have an abundance of testimonials.  Also make sure the testimonials are relevant to the program you are interested in; if you are interested in elementary school programs, see what other elementary schools have said about it.  You want to make sure the person you
're hiring is an expert at assembly programs.

Richard Landry has a file drawer full of testimonials that prove my assembly programs are educational, entertaining, and are of the highest quality.  To see these testimonials click here to go to the "References" tab.  To see what local newspapers have said about Richard Landry's amazing motivational assemblies click here to go to the "In the News" tab.


9 Reasons Why You Should Bring Richard Landry's Motivational Programs To Your School or Library!

1. Smiles And Laughter: You
'll see smiles on your student's faces and hear their laughter as they learn the three main points in the program.

2. Amazing Magic: Your students will be astounded at the fun-filled and amazing magic. They'll remember better because of the magic.

3. Clean Comedy: The comedy in the show is guaranteed to be clean and age appropriate.

4. Targeted To Your Grade Levels.  Richard Landry offers different versions of my programs for children ranging from Pre-K to 6th Grade.

5. Audience Participation: Your students are actively involved in the program through the magic, comedy and fun-filled audience participation. You'll feel their excitement as they volunteer to help with the program.

6. Retention: Your students will remember the message longer because they are actively involved in the program.

7. Flexible Program Length: The typical program length is 45 minutes, but it can be adjusted to fit your school schedule.

8. Self-Contained Program: The program is entirely self contained.  It's easy, just show Richard where you want him to set up and he will take care of the rest.

9. Instructor Support Materials: You will receive an Instructor's Guide of activities that can be done before and after the program to reinforce your topic of choice.  You will also receive posters of the event as well as a press release.



For Written inquiries please contact:

Richard Landry

625 White Oak Drive

Chatham, IL 62629

For phone inquiries please call: (217) 483-3745

For email inquiries please email: pilgrimm52@msn.com

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