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 Did you know?...

 ...That Richard Landry performs over 250 programs annually, including approximately 35,000 children and adults a year?





Welcome to my webpage!

     Trying to find a quality educator / entertainer for your educational school assemblies can be a hassle. Finding educational school assembly magicians that present programs that will inspire your students while at the same time make them laugh and have a great time is not an easy task.

How do you GUARANTEE that your school assembly will be happily remembered?

                               ITS EASY

Richard Landry's MAGIC THAT MOTIVATES assemblies are the ANSWER! Say goodbye to boring assemblies!

Not only are my motivational assembly programs educational they are GUARANTEED to be a blast for your students. Students want to learn and Richard and his magic rabbit Snowball make learning fun. My motivational assemblies are designed to enhance the learning experience of your students.

Make your next assembly a HIT with a message and entertainment thats guaranteed to be a HUGE success while making you look good.

Thanks for visiting!

Richard Landry



Richard Landry with Snowball (right to left).




For Written inquiries please contact:

Richard Landry

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Chatham, IL 62629

For phone inquiries please call: (217) 483-3745

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